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Here is what our clients say about FriscoSwim:

My 6yr old son started completely terrified of water, so I signed him up for his first swim lessons ever… for 2 weeks. After the second lesson, he was confidently putting his head under the water! Also, his fear of learning how to swimming changed from “I can’t” to “I’ll try” and “I can” after the first week. My husband and I were amazed at how our son transformed after each lesson learning a new technique, we couldn’t believe that was the same boy who screamed with us in the pool as if we were kidnapping him! On the day of the 7th lesson, our son jumped off the diving board into 8ft of water confidently & swam to the side! These lessons were awesome! We will definitely send him again this summer for refresher & each year thereafter to build his swim techniques.
Donielle L,
FriscoSwim has the best instructors. They are very experienced. They know when and how far to push the kids to get the best out of them. The classes are fun! I have sent my son to several different private and group classes in different schools. He hated everyone of them. His fear of water got worse. Ms Delange changed everything. He now absolutely loves swimming. He can’t wait to start his next session.
Ning G,
Both of my children were fearful of the water, but you wouldn’t know it today. Friscoswim has been very patient and nurturing but also knows how to push a child just enough to overcome his apprehensiveness. They make lessons fun, but also teaches children the fundamentals. The lessons were worth every penny. My husband and I consider them an investment in our children’s safety.
Mary R,
Most of the places in and around Frisco get overcrowded and I thought my daughter won’t get the attention she needs. Then I heard about Friscoswim, I was skeptical as I have never done a lesson in someone’s backyard. The reviews from my neighbors encouraged me to take a lesson from Mrs. Pat. She is an amazing instructor. My daughter thrived under her coaching. She dives and does fun stuff and enjoyed summer and pool raced with the older boys and has even taught a trick or two to them. The biggest distinction from others that I found with FriscoSwim is that in the 30 min scheduled lesson, they are constantly in the pool working on improving their skill and not sitting on a ledge awaiting their turn
C. D.,
When my 3 year old son started lessons with FriscoSwim he was VERY afraid of the water. Getting him into the water took a lot of encouragement from them and forget putting his head under the water! By the end of the first week he was getting in the water by himself and even practicing his bubbles on the side. By the end of the Summer he was jumping off the diving board and begging to pick up toys off the bottom of the pool. Friscoswim gave my son a love for water and swimming I thought would never happen!
Rachel C,
Our kids had no swimming experience at all when they started taking lessons with Friscoswim and by the end of the Summer we had made amazing progress. They were going off the diving board, swimming the length of the pool, and they LOVED Mrs. Pat. We still talk about her almost every week and can’t wait for lessons to start again. What a great experience when your kids are learning potentially life saving techniques and loving every minute of it. We would highly recommend Frisco Swim!
Kristin C,
My 4 year old daughter was terrified of putting her face in the water. With only 2 days with Friscoswim she had her in swim goggles with her face in the water swimming across the shallow end. After only 2 weeks of swim lessons she was jumping off the diving board in the deep end and swimming unassisted to the steps. It amazes me so much, they truly has a gift of recognizing your children’s challenges with swimming and corrects them with fun and enthusiasm. FriscoSwim has truly been a blessing to our family because they have made our time at the pool and water parks joyous!
Tracey J,
Pat has such a wonderful way of working with children. She pushes and encourages in a safe and nurturing manner enticing the child’s interest and desire to accomplish goals. I was amazed the way that my 4 year old moved from swimming with “floaties” to jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side in just over a week of lessons. We look forward to swimming with her again this summer!
After years of going to swim classes I was so worried that my daughter would always be afraid of water and cling on me everytime we got in the pool. After two classes with Friscoswim my daughter was swimming on her own and loved water. She always wanted to go to her class. Her skills carried over into whatever pool we went to. Best money ever spent. Love the small class ratio.
Pat is an amazingly gifted swimming instructor! She challenges her students while stressing safety skills and stroke development. I could see my three kid’s swimming skills advance with each lesson. We are so grateful that we found her!
Debbie R,
My 4 year old son greatly enjoyed taking swimming lessons with Ms. Pat. She is confident, positive, caring, extremely safe and highly qualified. I watched her take a 4 year old girl from her absolute fear of even getting into the water to swimming on her own in less than two weeks. We are looking forward to another summer of swimming lessons with Ms Pat!
Janet C,
We moved to the area last summer and were new to having a pool in our yard. We were very concerned about getting our 4yr old daughter comfortable with the water and able to get some quick swimming skills for her safety. …my daughter started out afraid of the water and would not put her face in…and ended the summer swimming across the pool, picking up toys from the bottom of the deep end and loving every minute of it. Thanks FriscoSwim!
My son LOVES FriscoSwim – especially Ms. Stacy. Since he was just over a year, we have been taking swimming lessons with FriscoSwim. He is so confident in and around a pool because of the wonderful instruction your teachers and assistants have provided. Ms. Stacy gives very clear instructions to the children and does it in such a way that they forget they are learning and just see it as fun. She handles the children with so much patience and grace and can coax even the most timid child into the water with such ease and gentleness. Our summers are so much more fun because our son is able to enjoy the water and I know that he is practicing safe techniques and learning good swimming habits. As a parent, this is a priceless gift and for that reason we will be taking lessons with FriscoSwim for years to come!